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A new look and identity is on the way

The year ahead will mark an exciting new chapter for i+s. An elevated aesthetic will solidify i+s as the trusted source for design inspiration and information. In addition, an expanded audience of designers and architects means you reach more of your customers with each of your efforts. Our launch webinar is now available.

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Create the ad that will make them look twice!

stack of magazines

Print ads in the interior design industry tend to follow the same equation every month: beautiful interior space featuring a beautiful product. Nothing wrong with that, but also nothing groundbreaking. Consumer brands do a great job of appealing to our emotions, using text and images that pull at our heart strings or funny bones to elicit a response. We might be in the B2B world, but we’re all still humans and motivated by our feelings. Why not bring in some of this imagery and messaging to your ads? Check out a bit of inspiration here.

A thought: all ads in the September issue will have a 3rd party ad study conducted on them to gauge effectiveness. Why not step out of the box in this issue and try something new? You’ll have real data and quotes from readers within a month to see how it performed.

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i+s Magazine

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

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Twitter. LinkedIn. Snapchat. Instagram. Pinterest. The list goes on and on. Everyone knows they need to be using social media to promote their brand, but few are doing it well. A recent article on Hootsuite highlights 9 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips. Social media has changed how we communicate, but at the basic level nothing has changed – content is still king. The message is more important than the medium. Read it now.

Get them to open your e-newsletters

Cellphone being used

Email is still widely regarded as one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal. Through research to discover some best practices, we came across this article about winning strategies to get people to open and take action from e-newsletters. It was helpful to us; I thought it might be helpful to you. Read the nine tips here.

Social media and the impact on the media buy

Social Media Visual

What are the best ways to use social media? Is the use of social media worth the effort? What’s the best platform to target designers – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest? The importance of selling and marketing through social media is growing quickly. In fact, according to a recent survey of B2B buyers, 53% of respondents reported that social media plays a role when making a final selection. An article found on discussed the best ways for sales and marketing to coordinate their efforts to maximize social selling. See their tips here.

Market Beyond the C-Suite

Group of Marketers

Over the years I’ve heard many marketers say they only want to reach partners and principals at design firms. The big fish if you will. Seems to me the buying process is more complicated than that. Young designers, mid-level professionals, and dare I say it, even students are important components in the buying decision process. A recent article from David Fortino at Advertising Age explores this idea further. Read it here.